Thursday, February 20, 2014

Notice: MelbourneIT - .estate available for the first time. Register today.

I received an email from MelbourneIT today letting me know the top level domain .estate was available. Of course this creates an urgency that you don't want to miss out as someone else might get it first and camp on you. Yes you've paid for a stack for domains already to protect yourself and now there's more.

First do shop around. A quick check showed me I could get the domain for $10 less elsewhere and frankly, the MelbourneIT group and their systems have given me so much grief over the years I just couldn't recommend them. Pity. I did in the past but wouldn't now.

Secondly, step back for a moment. This is one of a number of top level domains that have been released. Reportedly there's over a thousand to come. To me this is more like extortion from the domain businesses (not MelbourneIT but those releasing the domains who make this possible) and I guess they know it. I look forward to the day when and if this domain crap comes to an end by some very clever and creative entrepreneur. It is a stupid situation that we have to purchase multiple domain names to protect our branding and then out of left field, someone adds a single hyphen so all your efforts are for nought. Yes, you can sue, but good luck with that. We all know the winner there.

So do think it through before you rush in. But of course you have to make a quick decision and then stick with it. At least you know you can shop around and if you do need to purchase dozens of domains, getting a better price could save a lot of money.

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