Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Red dog watch out, here comes black and tan dog.

Today I had news from a client which pleased me for the client and also that I'd been able to assist.

The client is Herding Dog Training. When I met Charlie from Herding Dog Training he was using YouTube to promote his herding dog training service, but was not getting anyone business. I asked, "why is he sending his clients away from himself and not to himself?" He didn't understand what I meant. I explained he was sending all your clients to YouTube and once there, off they'll trundle to check out whatever interests them. I suggested, why not set up a single page site and direct clients to his site instead. The site could include links to his YouTube videos, and explain more about Charlie his services, rather than just promoting YouTube.

Charlie's site now regularly generates business and that business has lead to him being on the front page of Town and Country Farmer this month, with more opportunities in the pipeline.

The site I built is I set Charlie up so he was in control of everything and not locked into me. He is free to use any service provider, obviously I hope that he continues to use my services, but that is his choice. He is charge of his site, domain and hosting. There is no lock-in.

I included search engine optimisation for the site, but the way I help clients is to give them a boost with my internet JustLocal presence. Rather than wait for weeks to be seen on the internet, the client site is often live and visible to the search engines with 24-48 hours, complete with a  good ranking. I don't promote this service because Google is fickle and as a consultant if I can't guarantee results, I provide the service as part of what I do for clients.

Congratulations Charlie and thank you for the opportunity to assist.

Kelvin Eldridge
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