Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Microsoft Security Essentials Requires your attention - End-of-support guidance for operating systems.

Tonight I brought a Windows XP system up-to-date and noticed Microsoft Security Essentials kept nagging with the screen stating 'Microsoft Security Essentials Requires your attention'. In addition I found with Windows update turned on, plus the latest updates, the computer was completely unstable. It should be noted this was using Windows XP loaded in a virtual machine.

Even though Microsoft states if Microsoft Security Essentials is installed and it will continue to be updated, to the user the red icon in the System Tray is a constant nag and does not endear confidence that Microsoft Security Essentials is working. This appears to be a deliberate ploy by Microsoft to push people off Windows XP and onto their more recent operating system.

Yes Microsoft are quite clear that they have stopped upgrading Windows XP, and yes, it is probably sensible to move to a newer computer and newer operating system. But not everyone is ready to move and the constant nag does not help.

Now is a good time to get rid of Microsoft products off Windows XP and use products from other companies that are support. Google have stated they'll support Google Chrome on Windows XP for the next 12 months. The free version of AVG or Avast I suspect will continue to be supported for some time. I turned of Windows update, removed Microsoft Security Essentials and installed the free version of AVG and Windows XP was again stable and started up without the instability that Microsoft seems to have introduced. Problems they should have removed.

For those who don't like getting tricked with unwanted add-ins, I'll write up a MyAnswers solution with the steps I took to install AVG. You can find the solution in the virus section of MyAnswers which can be found at

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UPDATE: The MyAnswers solution 2459 for installing AVG and avoiding clicking on the wrong installation options is now available. 

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  1. Agree 100% with your comments. Well put by the way.

    After much troubleshooting a BSOD on a laptop with XP, traced it to the Microsoft Security Essentials. Not only they're not supporting their own products, but seem that they are sabotaging them as well.



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