Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How does an IT consultant end up also running an advertising service?

As an IT consultant I enjoy helping others with their technology. The problem however is I'm limited by time as to the number of people I can assist. By creating an advertising service I use the technology I know to help others and I can share my knowledge to a much greater number of people at a much lower cost.

The best part is I get to meet some excellent businesses. Businesses like 10th Entrepreneur and Quinta Real Estate and I can see the difference I make to their business with just minor suggestions. The cost of time is one of the biggest killers for business so if I can make my time available more cost effectively then that helps clients and for me that's a great outcome.

So if you have a business on the internet and want to promote your business locally then check out JustLocal.

It should be noted that I have a policy of full disclosure. As an IT consultant I feel I have a moral obligation to make sure clients have the best information on which to make a decisions. JustLocal is my service I've developed. It is not a consulting service but an advertising service. As an advertising service a set fee is charged for advertising. It is always tricky to be a consultant providing independent advice, but it is possible is full disclosure is a core principle.

Kelvin Eldridge
Owner of the JustLocal advertising service.

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