Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The history of the preferred Australian English spelling dictionary.

The preferred Australian English spelling dictionary is an Australian Dictionary containing only the preferred Australian spelling.

The first dictionary I built was based on an open source list of words from the UK. The problem for me was the word list contained a huge amount of, how shall I say it, rubbish. I culled about a third of the word list using Microsoft's spellchecker. But therein lies another problem. The word list could contain errors that Microsoft's spellchecker dictionary contained. Better off, but I felt it could still be better. In addition I found the early work being open source, everyone used my work of hundreds of hours and no one gave anything back. Firefox, Google Chrome and many other projects just took my work without contributing in any way.

So I decided to start again. To create the preferred Australian English spelling dictionary shouldn't be too hard I thought. How wrong I was. However it is a passion of mine and I see it helps many people, so I continue to build the dictionary. At least I know the work will be of a high standard and for me that is important.

I now have files which provide the preferred Australian English spelling for Microsoft Office on Windows and Mac. I also have files for Internet Explorer 10/11 users so those users have access to the preferred Australian English spelling. These products are very stable. My latest product is a full system dictionary for Apple Mac OS X users. Very much a work in progress, but very usable even at this stage. The Mac version is the version I use most of the time.

For those wanting to just check a single word I also have an online tool called Word Check. Word Check has been designed so it works well on a desktop or mobile device. You can even treat Word Check as a web app and add it to your Home screen on an iPhone or Android device. Word Check is password protected so those who help support my work are those that benefit from what I do.

If using the preferred Australian spelling in your writing is important, please feel free to check out my work.

Kelvin Eldridge

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