Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Support July 14, 2015 notice received from Microsoft.

I just received a couple of notices from Microsoft indication the end of support for Windows Server 2003.

The irony, except for one client I've never felt the need to install Windows Server in my client based. I made the decision over a decade ago to run email hosted via a third party company so could use a lower cost more basic file server for clients. Dead easy, inexpensive, redundancy so quick recovery if required. My client base is typically under 20 users per site so the approach has worked well.

Microsoft finally caught up and is now pushing, albeit for larger organisations the same approach.

Now if only Microsoft stopped shafting customers still using their old products (300 million perfectly good Windows XP computers), stopped trying to copy Apple (having to control everything) and focus on their own market, they may remain relevant. This is frustrating seeing Microsoft becoming irrelevant to this section of the market. No doubt not an issue for them as they're the modern day IBM and we no longer buy IBM PCs. As a diehard Microsoft support, the iron is I'm typing this on a MacBook Air. I could never have imagined saying that a few years ago. Perhaps it is time to accept change and go with the flow.

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