Monday, October 27, 2014

A tip for those travelling in Australia wanting who may need extra data, and or better/alternate internet access.

I've used this technique a number of times with very good results both for myself, my family and clients.

On a regular basis Coles and other businesses offer mobile devices for less than it costs for the data alone.

The best special has been $10 for the combined Wi-Fi/USB device. I bought one for myself and then bought one for a client who moved into a new apartment but Telstra could not install internet because of the asbestos ban at the time. For $10 this gave the client temporary internet access.

My mobile plan used the Optus infrastructure (not using Optus). Optus is OK but quite often Telstra has better coverage in more remote locations. I don't go to remote locations that often, but I used this when I went to Monkey Mia in WA.

Also sometimes Telstra is better and sometimes Optus is better, so sometimes it is good to have a second network available just in case. In one instance in Townsville the free Wi-Fi provided in the hotel was worse than that provided by the dongle.

Sometimes you also use more data than expected. For example if I go over my plan (as I have right now) 1GB of data would cost me $100. This way I have extra data for just $15. This could occur when I've been giving more demonstrations than usual. Also have a second network available is a good back up strategy even in the city areas when demonstrating.

What I do is I buy one of these devices if I think I might new it in the next six months. I then toss it into the draw for when I need it. I consider $10-$15 a cheap back up plan. It is actually cheaper to buy the device and on special than it is to simply recharge. To me that's a waste because once used the device is no longer worth recharging if another special offer comes available.

So if you'd like 1GB of data in reserve with Telstra, keep an eye out for the specials. I just bought this unit from Coles as it it on special until tomorrow. Be warned they are very popular and can be hard to buy so it may be necessary to drop in to a couple of different Coles stores, or buy as soon as you can. Often it seems only a limited quantity is made available in each store.

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