Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Videos not working in Facebook.

Everyone's being told to post videos in Facebook. There's something they probably don't know.

Flash and Java are the two products which make up most of the top 10 malware vectors (that is ways to exploit). By removing Java and Flash you thus reduce the chances of infecting your computer. Based on my experience of removing malware, Java in particular is often involved.

I've removed Java a couple of years ago and see no need for it. However that may not be the case for everyone. I've also been running my Windows machine without Flash now for probably two years. Those nagging video ads you get when visiting a site was probably more of an incentive than the malware issue.

Lately however I've noticed more people posting videos in Facebook which I now simply skip because I can't view them. The reason is Facebook uses Flash for desktop/notebook devices, but HTML5 for mobiles and tablets. Mobile and tablets don't support Flash at all. Video on mobile devices is not an issue as Facebook handles this correctly. Of course watching videos on a mobile device may create data usage issue and for some could be very expensive, but that's a different issue.

Some stats.

I've check my dictionary site ( where around 90% of the traffic is from Australia. Currently around 7-8% of users running Windows and Mac do not have the version of Flash set and I suspect that means it is not installed. This trend may be growing.

This is simply a heads-up. If you post a video in Facebook a certain percentage of people won't be able to view it. If you post a link to a site and not upload the video to Facebook, chances are the site will correctly handle the video so it can be watched. Of course to counter that, I've found through testing only a few per cent of people check the links. Facebook also by design wants people to stay in Facebook and not exit outside.

If you or someone you know finds videos in Facebook not working, this may be one reason.

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