Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How much does it cost to make an Apple watch?

I thought the linked article on the cost for the Apple watch was interesting. When Apple bought out the iPad I was actually very surprised with the pricing. Apple is usually considered to charge more but the iPad came out at a very competitive price point.

With the Apple watch if this article is correct about pricing, Apple is again pricing their products in the premium range. That's OK. Apple knows they've got a lot of enthusiast buyers who are prepared to pay a premium for a "look at me" product. I watched the Apple video when the product was announced and I'm glad I did because it does do a lot more than you'd gather by reading the press articles. However, for me it isn't enough for the price. But hey, that's just me. Happy for others to buy watch.

In any case here's a link to the article.


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