Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hacked WordPress sites are very common. Make sure you secure your WordPress site.

Firstly let me say, at this point in time I don't support WordPress sites. I do however get calls from people who have had their WordPress sites hacked. In one instance to remove the malicious code, I did go through the site to find the code that their support couldn't find. Generally I leave WordPress support to others.

What I wanted to share is an example of how a hacked WordPress site is being used. Here is a screen capture of an email I received.

I've hovered over the link so you can see the address where a person would go if they clicked on the link. If you check carefully you'll see "wp-content" in the address, which means this site is run using WordPress. Malicious code has most likely be inserted by a hacker and will be used to try to trick people into providing their PayPal credentials.

Make sure if you run a WordPress site you do your best to keep the site updated and secured.  Every day I get many scam emails and often I see the link is for a hacked WordPress site.

If you get emails like these you should delete them. If you get emails from your suppliers (or even people you know) don't click on the links. Instead open your browser and go to the site. If something doesn't feel right trust your instinct. It probably isn't.

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