Monday, October 26, 2015

New kilojoules to Calories web app now online.

I notice when I typed convert kilojoules to Calories into Google, I was presented with the following calculator.

I spoke to another person who had done the same search and they said they didn't understand Google's calculator.

The problem is Google isn't presenting the information in a way the user will generally expect. There is no option in the calculator for Calories, which is what the person is looking for. Secondly most people don't realise that calorie and Calorie with the first letter capitalised are different. There are one thousand calories to 1 Calorie. Without this knowledge people will generally not know what this calculator means.

I decided to write a very simple Convert kilojoules to Calories calculator which wouldn't confuse others. The web app is available at

I hope others find this web app and the other dieting related web apps I've created useful.

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