Thursday, October 1, 2015

TPG moving to use Vodafone's mobile network.

It was interesting to read today that TPG is moving from using the Optus mobile network to the Vodafone network. Quite a few in our family use the older TPG 3G plans which have been quite cost effective.

Looking at the current TPG page for mobile plans there's only 4G plans. With a bit of reading it appears effective immediately, all new plans will be using Vodafone's network.

In the past I used Vodafone but found their coverage lacking and never achieved broadband speed with data. That was pre 4G. Looking at the maps it looks like things may have changed, but only usage and testing will determine whether the situation has improved. Given a choice I wouldn't consider Vodafone's network. The old once bitten (actually multiple times) it makes you hesitate.

Going forward it's not quite possible to see what will happen with the 3G plans. I've read people will be contacted with an offer to move, or they can contact Optus if they wish to stay with Optus. This was found in media reports so I'm not sure I'd put much weight on the information.

It does seem however that SIM cards only work with the one network, so TPG users will need new SIM cards to use the Vodafone network. At least that means people will know what's going on if they need to get a new SIM card.

All we can really do is wait and see what happens. What will happen to the grandfathered plans we're currently on is anyone's guess. For new services it really is a matter of reviewing the market to best determine which service in theory suits your needs, and then testing to ensure coverage (including data speed) is to your satisfaction for the areas important to you.

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