Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alert: Facebook Account Activation - Your account has been blocked due to spam activity.

I received an email from Facebook.Team with the subject "Account Activation". The email stated "Your account has been blocked due to spam activity. "

This is a faked email and the link will take you to a site which is not Facebook.

I would suggest you do not click on links in emails you think are from Facebook. Open your browser and go to Facebook. Many scams are designed to look like real emails from well known sites.

You should delete these emails.


Kelvin Eldridge
Online Connections
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  1. Thanks. I have a European e-mail address and received this mail today, and looked for info on who was behind this. Don't even have a FB account and neither do I want one.

  2. I had recently changed my password and account information to facebook considering there was a recent unwanted login attempt. I saw this email and thought it was suspicious, but seeing as the facebook security team said that since it ended in '' it was safe. I copied and pasted the link into a new tab and it loaded up my facebook homepage without any login needed, and said my account had been restored. I was immediately suspicious and roadblocked my account and changed the password and nothing has happened, but do you think I should take any further action?

    1. I couldn't confirm whether or not the Facebook team provided appropriate advice.

      The email I received (now deleted) had a link to a site which wasn't Facebook. Copying what appears to be a link to could have just copied the text displayed and not the underlying URL for the site.

      You may or may not have a legitimate email from Facebook. The only way for me to know is to check the email you received.



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