Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alert: TPG Internet: Equipment Order 5802491299

I received a couple of emails pretending to be from TPG for equipment ordered. These emails contain an attached file which is malware.

You should delete these emails. Most antivirus software packages do not pick up the latest malware. The only thing stopping you from infecting your computer is you.

Treat all unsolicited emails with caution. The MyAnswers solution 2293 documents the approach I use to check email attachments.

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  1. Hi my AVG internet security picked it up and deleted it "Malware";"Unknown";"C:\Users\Station 3\AppData\Roaming\Muyfbiu\qaoxtee.exe

    1. Good to hear AVG caught the malware. Do be careful. AVG regularly misses new malware as do most antivirus software packages. You're only real protection is being alert and careful.

      Thanks for your comment.



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