Thursday, December 13, 2012

Former Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki now uses Android.

According to a CNET article I read today former Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki no longer uses iOS devices, but instead uses an Android tablet and mobile phone.

To me this isn't an anti Apple message, but more that we should review technology against our own needs and not to buy based on marketing hype.

When I purchased my iPhone 3GS some in my family couldn't believe it. They felt I was anti Apple but the reality is I use what works for me, plus most of my clients use Windows based computers and I make my income supporting them. I had an aging HP Pocket PC which ran an old version of IE4, limited memory and whilst it still worked, it really failed across many sites. I wanted a portable computer and the iPhone met my needs. For the first year or two I didn't even use it as a mobile phone. The shortish battery life to me was a pain, now I'm used to it.

Work out what is important to you and match the technology against your needs. Also factor in many Android devices won't get an operating system upgrade, so if you want to upgrade you'll need to buy a new device. My iPhone 3GS bought I think nearly three years ago is running iOS6, whereas my Acer A200 tablet bought a year ago wouldn't get an operating system upgrade. There aren't any guarantees in life with technology companies. The original iPad can't run iOS6 and Nokia Windows 7.5 Phones were obsolete shortly after being released in Australia. Let's not forget the HP WebOS tablet which I think lasted a week before being killed off in Australian retailers. There are no safe bets but there are safer bets.

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