Thursday, December 13, 2012

Police warn people about using Google maps as well as Apple maps.

The other day I wrote a post about how Apple maps were directing travellers into a remote location 70km away from the desired location of Mildura. The location has now been fixed and was reportedly a second entry for Mildura. To be fair I felt it appropriate to also pass on the warning by Australian police with regards to an issue using Google maps.

Days after Australian police warn about Apple Maps, they lodge a similar complaint against Google.... Read More

My own experience when travelling in Western Australia is there was one section where the GPS did not update for 20-30km. I just used the map as I would a printed map so it wasn’t an issue. Some intersections were quite out of date with lights instead of a roundabout in one case and another made it appear I’d reach a T intersection when in fact the road I was on didn’t change at all and a road came in from the left. Quite disconcerting.

For me however the mapping features of modern mobile are very handy. I remember the days of having the Melway open and it often sliding off the seat. The modern mobile phone/GPS feels much safer if used appropriately.

One recommendation is I’d never use a mobile phone to measure your driving speed. They rarely match the speedo due to the time they take to catch up. When looking for roads that blue dot is handy, but if you wait until it reaches the street you want you’ll have sailed on past the street.

Still though it is pretty neat technology. The sign of success is when one technology replaces another and the mobile phone/GPS has certainly replaced the Melways for me. In the past a Melways was a regular Christmas present for someone. I can’t recall when a Melways was last on the Christmas list. Full credit to Melways however as it served us well.

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