Thursday, December 27, 2012

Randi Zuckerberg stung by Facebook privacy settings

The news that Randi Zuckerberg was not happy with a private photo being shared is a reminder to everyone that when you post a photo on any site you should expect it can become public. It almost appears that on the internet the only rule is there are no rules when it comes to the internet. In the past no one would ever think to pass on a photo of another person without their permission. Now it is done millions of times a day.

I regularly hear of people being unhappy that someone else has shared a photo of them on the internet. They take a photo of a group, go home and without any permission by anyone in the photo, post it for their friends and possibly the world to see.

Remember if you can see a photo on the internet it is easy to copy and paste the photo and pass it on. Even if the site doesn’t allow you to copy a photo you can always screen capture the photo.

Randi Zuckerberg stung by Facebook privacy settings in photo flap... Read More

The only advice I can offer is if you don’t want a photo to be made public, don’t put it on the internet. If a friend takes a photo of you ask them politely not to share it on the internet and I’d be pretty sure most people are decent enough not to, and if they do, well perhaps it is time to reconsider who your real friends are. Good friends will always consider your feelings.

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