Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Alert: Australian Federal Police - Ukash scam

Yesterday I repaired a client’s computer. They had infected their computer with the UKash scam. I documented up my general approach, including links to the software tools I used to remove the Ukash scam.

MyAnswers: Australian Federal Police - Ukash scam... Read More

Technically it isn’t difficult, but it is time consuming. I like to first remove the malware and then to perform a full scan of the computer using two to three antivirus programs. With some hard disks now having millions of files a single scan can take hours and the overall process many hours.

If I were to repair the computer onsite I’d have to charge for all the time involved and to me that would be crazy for the client to foot such a large bill. I have seen IT support people do exactly that. Normally I set an maximum fee of 1.5 hours for malware removal for a standard computer. This provides peace of mind for the client. If the malware is easily removed then only the time required is charged.

However, depending on the malware it may be very easy for a person to remove the malware themselves. In MyAnswers solution 2332 I outline the approach I used and using that information a person with basic computer skills should be able to remove this particular malware and many other malware variants. MyAnswers has been designed to assist people to do their own IT support. Often all it takes is a small amount of knowledge and a difficult problem can be relatively easy to fix.

Next time you have a problem consider using MyAnswers. If the solution I provide doesn’t assist I’m happy to provide a refund. My approach is If I can’t assist you should never be out of pocket.

- Kelvin Eldridge
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