Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Current location - What is your current location in terms of GPS coordinates?

There are times when I'd like to know my current location as GPS coordinates and easily send my location to another person so they can see where I am. Most mobile phones will do this but seeing the actual GPS coordinates can be hard.

Why would anyone want their GPS coordinates you might ask and really that's a good question. Have you ever wanted to organise a get-together with a number of people and work out a point central to all of you. If you know the GPS coordinates for each of your friends you can work out the central point and it is incredibly easy.

I wrote the web app GPS coordinates ( to enable people to easily determine their GPS coordinates. You do need a device such as a mobile phone but I've also found modern browsers can provide a good estimate of your location using a desktop or notebook computer.

To work out the central point have everyone determine their location using and get them to send you their link which will provide you with their location. The link contains their latitude and longitude and it is also displayed with a map. Add up the latitude for each person and then divide by the number of people. Do this for the longitude as well. The coordinates give you the central point. Go to, find your location and then in the address area of your browser substitute the central point coordinates for your coordinates and you can see where the central in for your group. Now there's something you couldn't do easily in the past.

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