Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Melbourne Weather Forecast varies considerably based on the source.

I just did a search of "Melbourne Weather Forecast" using Google and Google gave the current temperature as 19 degrees. If I check the Bureau of Meteorology the current temperature for Melbourne is 15 degrees and if I check my own outdoor temperature I get 16.1 degrees.

Whilst we all often feel the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) gets the weather wrong, the reality is we come to depend on the BOM each day for guidance. I have far more confidence in the BOM information than much of the information on the web and via apps that are available. The check of the current weather shows Google is out by around 20% and that's quite a large amount. I do expect the temperature to vary slightly from the Melbourne reading as the temperature does vary across suburbs so my reading and the BOM reading for the current temperature is quite close.

The problem I have with the BOM site is when I visit the site using my mobile phone the page is designed for the desktop and thus the writing is far to small. Most of the time all I really want to do is be able to easily read the forecast and the current temperature. As it turns out it didn't take too much work to create a web page designed for the iPhone to display the information from the BOM in a size more suited to the iPhone. You can check out my web app at I've added the web app to my home page so the current weather information is one tap away.

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UPDATE 3/4/2013
Who would have guessed. After writing this post yesterday I woke up this morning and the Bureau of Meteorology have update their site changing the layout. Looks like an update to my app is in order. Stay tuned.


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