Sunday, April 21, 2013

SmartyHost now owned by MYOB increased domain renewals by around 50%.

I received a noticed from SmartyHost a while ago saying the domain renewal would be $29.50 per year or $59.90. Previously I'd paid around $40 which I was happy with even though I could get a lower price elsewhere. With the first of the domains up for renewal I decided to move across to the domain company I use which charges around $12 per year. That's a saving of $17.50 per domain and with eight domains that's a saving of $140 per year.

If you know the process and are the registered holder of the domain, it doesn't take too long and I found there was no noticeable down time, although I would always prepare for 24-48 hours of minor instability when changing things on the internet. In the case of just changing from one domain registrar to another I can't see any reason for down time but always be prepared. 

The biggest mistake I've seen people do, is to let their web site developer take control of their domain. That can result in taking hours to get control back over the domain. A couple of companies I've seen put their partners first (web developers, hosting companies, computer support people) before the customer that actually owns the domain. That can mean moving the domain away from the domain company just to regain control over the domain again.

As an example one client I assisted took over five hours over a couple of weeks to get control back of their domain from their web designer they had fallen out with. They had already tried a number of times with other support people over a period of months. Only that the domain registrar screwed up they would have taken much longer. Then they went and let their new web design company move their domain under their control and have simply moved from a problem situation to a future problem situation. I'd had recommended they now register the domain in their name under their control but the new web design company did a sale pitch on them.

When I started registering domains many years ago I'd use what I considered to be the main domain registrar at the time. Since then the domain name market has been opened up and instead of paying $140 for two years I now pay $24. If you have multiple domains that can be a considerable saving.

A month or two before your domain name comes up for renewal is a good time to review your options. If your situation is simple it is easy to save some money. Some people I've seen leave it to the last minute and that is a bad time to make a change.

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