Monday, April 1, 2013

World Backup Day March 31st

If you missed World Backup Day chances are you probably also forgot to do your backup. Over the years I've found backup programs are generally flawed. For example a lot of backup programs take your files and compact them into a special data file that you can't read without the program. If your computer fails you also lose the program. Other programs I've tested simply stop working half way through. Others are set top automatically backup and a regular basis and most clients I've visited have no clue if they're working or not and often they aren't.

For my clients I've created a simple script file and an online web page where they can define what they want to backup and create a custom script file for themselves. There is no charge for clients as I want clients to backup their important files in case their equipment fails. The backup creates a copy of the files making it very easy for clients to recover a lost file or files by a simple copy. No need to get an expensive computer support person in just to recover files as is often the case with many backup programs.

Make sure you take the time out to determine what files are important to you and make regular backups. Your computer will eventually fail and you should make sure you are prepared for that situation. A number of clients over the years have had their computers stolen so whilst we don't usually think of computers going missing, the more mobile we become and our devices become, the more we are exposed our computers being stolen or devices being lost.

Recover of data can be expensive. As an example it is common for people to be quoted around $2,000 to have someone try to recover data from a failed hard drive and there is still no guarantee the data can be recovered. It makes no sense that people don't do even irregular snapshot backups especially when free software is available that can make the inevitable computer failure less painful.

Even if you missed World Backup Day make sure you put some time aside to set up your backup.

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