Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer Security message 'This program will open outside of Protected mode'.

Today every time I open a website I get a pop-up Internet Explorer Security message about Adobe Flash Player. I'm using Internet Explorer 10 under Windows 8. I expect millions of users will be in the same boat. They've done nothing unusual and then all of sudden they get a rather disconcerting error message.

This one falls completely into Microsoft's corner. The Adobe Flash Player is built into Windows 8 by Microsoft and not Adobe. You would think Microsoft could get this right with their own software. I can't help thinking no wonder it is so hard for other companies who don't have the inside knowledge.

In MyAnswers solution 2345 I provide the approach I used to fix the problem for myself. Clients can find the solution in the Microsoft section under Internet Explorer or the Recent Solutions page.

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