Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Be careful with Dell delivery times. This is a good reminder to be mindful that not all deliveries will make it for Christmas.

I assisted a client with an order for a Dell computer on the 22nd of November. The computer was to be delivered within the next 10 days. An email was received on the 26th of November confirming the delivery would be on or before the 2nd of December.

On the 2nd of December at 2:55 pm an SMS was received requesting a response for delivery on either the 10th of December, the 11th of December, or to receive a call. I decided to receive a call to make sure I speak to someone on behalf of the client. To receive an SMS on the expected date of delivery stating a different time is terrible customer service. The client waited around all day for the delivery and Dell sent the message to me and not the client. Dell had recorded my details as a secondary contact.

I find it staggering that well before Christmas Dell can't deliver within the 10 days they advise. That will now make it 18 days until a delivery is expected, and at this point, there is no guarantee the delivery time won't be adjusted again. This isn't a purchase for Christmas, but if it was, there would be a concern regarding delivery.

This is a good reminder as we approach Christmas that a lot of people will be disappointed when they don't receive items they've ordered for Christmas. At this time it is perhaps a good idea to start thinking about buying from bricks and mortar shops rather than online, and make sure they actually have stock on hand. Placing an order in a shop is no more of a guarantee that you'll receive an item as placing an order online. I recall waiting for an order for months from the Myer Store and months from a distributor for an Epson colour laser. If it isn't in stock, in the premises, chances are you may not get the item in time.

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  1. Dell lies. When I was shopping for my wife's tablet (xmas gift) the site said it would ship by 12/20/13. So I paid extra for 2-day delivery, that should get it here by the 22 or 23rd, right?

    No sooner do I place the order than I get a confirmation email from Dell stating the item will ship on the 27th. When I called to complain, the Indian support person explained that the item was backordered.

    So, before the order: Ship 20th
    After they have the order: Ship 27th

    I own an IT sales and support company. We do a LOT of business. I won't forget this.


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