Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fanboy get tickets using Apple watch in the USA. Could it happen here?

This article is a reminder to make sure you understand the road rules in Australia. Whilst a lot of people will say it is ridiculous to fine someone for using the Apple watch, it's important to read and understand the road rules. I'm not a legal person, but given the wording in Victoria includes the words "visual displays", it could be very easy to be booked.

Here's a link to the VicRoads page which I feel is relevant.

To me the important paragraph is the following.

All drivers face tough penalties for illegal use of a mobile phone or interacting with other units that have visual displays while driving (e.g. DVD players or tablet computers) that are not driver's aids.

An Apple watch is a visual display device. You may not like it, but if you get caught using a visual display device you may find it tough to contest.

Do take care on the roads. Whether we think laws are right or wrong that doesn't help you if you get fined. If you hurt yourself or others whilst driving, that doesn't help anyone.

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