Thursday, July 23, 2015

Google Chrome to provide updates for Windows XP computers through to the end of 2105.

Google stated in 2014 they'd continue to support Google Chrome on Windows XP even though Microsoft had stopped supporting Windows XP users. That's a very good strategic move on the part of Google, and very handy for Windows XP users who don't feel they need to, or want to move at that point in time.

That commitment was for a year if I recall correctly. Google in the following post has made the commitment to continue to support Google Chrome on Windows XP through to the end of the year.

Again this makes sense. In 2014 there were around 300 million users. That's more users than Firefox had at that point, and for Google to be the default search in Firefox cost Google hundreds of millions of dollars of money actually paid out. To support Windows XP and become the preferred browser cost them nothing except their development time. In addition people get used to Google Chrome and the support they receive from Google when Microsoft effectively dumped them. That's generated loyalty that will be hard for Microsoft to overcome. I'm not fan of Google, but even I recommend Windows XP users switch to Google Chrome.

I estimate there's still around 180 million Windows XP users. However at some point Google will no longer see merit in supporting Windows XP. I don't know when that will be, but Google is about numbers and advertising. At a guess we probably can expect Google to stop supporting Windows XP when the numbers drop below 100 million, which will probably be within the next year.

For the moment however, those using Windows XP can feel comfort knowing they'll be supported if they use Google Chrome.

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