Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Liuns Torvalds uses Gmail for his email. Now that's something I didn't expect read.

When I saw the following article it really was unexpected. From the media we get the impression there's an ongoing battle between open source and commercial software. Linux is probably one of, it not the most successful open source project.


From the media you get the impression diehard open source people would never consider anything commerical. Yet here we are. Possibly the most well known leader in open source using Gmail for their mail service. Not just a commercial service using proprietary software, but one that's based on delivering ads.

I never really expected to see anyone who is a core part of the open source movement not using anything but open source software for their day-to-day needs.

It does however make good business sense. Don't get hung up on whether software is commercial or open source. Focus on your business needs and the software that helps you best meet your objectives. If the open source movement does, then it makes sense you should too.

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