Monday, November 27, 2017

Headphones won't click into place in PC.

This was a really unusual request from a client. They went to plug their iPhone headphones into their PC's audio port and it wouldn't click into place. They could hold it in but if released would not longer work.

To me this didn't make sense. The iPhone headphones will work in a PC audio port to play sound (although the microphone of course won't work). I suggested trying it on another PC and the same thing. Both PCs were bought not long ago and were identical. Perhaps there was something wrong with the audio ports on both PCs.

A check on the internet and I could see people having probably with lint or fluff getting into their audio ports. That makes sense. The fan in a PC draws air in through the case across the motherboard and out through the back. With both PCs being on the floor the audio port is very likely to get dust sucked into the port.

The suggestion to the client was to see if they could clear the audio port. They came back saying they blew into the audio port and whatever was there is now gone and the audio is working perfectly.

If your audio port on your PC is giving you a problem it is worth checking it for dust or fluff.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support 

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