Thursday, March 22, 2018

Can I run MYOB AccountRight locally sharing across multiple computers or do I have to run online?

A client was upgrading their MYOB accounting software to also include payroll. They could see they could run online and share the data but wanted to know if they could run locally. They didn't think so because they were still using an old Windows XP computer as a file server and MYOB is not compatible with Windows XP.

I decided to download and set up a trial. My first thought was to use the offline feature but this looks like it really isn't suitable as from what I read it locks the online data which means a second user can't also update the data.

Further reading showed there was a server edition for MYOB AccountRight. Whilst they can't use their server they can load MYOB AccountRight onto their Windows 10 computer. Then other Windows 10 computers with MYOB Account Right can connect to and update the data on the first computer.

The client now had two options. To use MYOB AccountRight locally on their network, or have their data stored in the cloud.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

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