Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Gmail Team - Update to Gmail app and get the most out of Gmail.

One person received the below email from The Gmail Team and asked if they should start using the Gmail app. The person was using an iPhone 6S.

Based on my experience using the Gmail app on a cheap Android mobile phone, and using and supporting Apple's email clients on iPhones and iPad, I'd suggest the Apple iOS email client is already a better email client in general than the Gmail app. If you have an Apple product their email client is better than Gmail's email client so there's no reason to switch.

Google are always promoting their products such as the Gmail app and Google Chrome browser to the users of their services, but often there's no reason to use their products when the existing products you use are as good or possibly better.

As an example, using the Gmail app on my Android mobile phone, even after I've deleted emails on my notebook, they still appear on my mobile and take quite a while before they disappear.  After deleting emails they reappear for no apparent reason and need to be deleted again. This behaviour of the Gmail app is confusing, annoying and a waste of time. I should add however this is using an IMAP service and not the Gmail service.

If the email client you are using does everything you need to do and works well, I'd suggest it may be best to continue to use the email client you already have. It can take a lot of time and effort to evaluate another email app, which could simply be a waste of time. If you know of a benefit a new email client will offer, then you have a reason to evaluate using the new email client. Just because Google suggests their app will "get the most out of Gmail" doesn't mean it will make any difference, and in some cases you may be worse off and simply waste valuable time and energy.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

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