Thursday, May 17, 2018

Turn off push notifications in Safari under macOS.

I have to admit I'm not a fan of push notifications. I think the push notification feature could be pretty useful, but the real problem is more and more sites I visit want to ask me for permission to send push notifications. It's just another nag I don't need. Really, what's the chance I want to receive a notification from the many, any sites I visit. Almost zero.

If however there was a site I followed and let me know they had push notifications that I could sign up for, that's another matter. I'd find that in theory potentially useful. But in time it's possible every site you visit will be nagging you for permission to send push notifications.

Get ahead of the curve. If you're not interested in push notifications you can disable the feature in your browser. In Safari under macOS you do this as follows.

Open Safari
Select Safari (in the menu)
Select Preferences
Select Websites
Select Notifications
Remove the tick from Allow websites to ask permission to send you push notifications.

Ah, peace and quiet, until the next piece of technology is created for marketers to keep us "informed". Don't get me wrong, it sounds like I'm not a fan of this technology but I am. I'm simply not in favour of technology that nags me to do something so often, when I'd rather opt in if I choose to.

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